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Hi! I´m Lú and I will be one of the blog’s collaborators. For those who don´t know me, I´m a student of Architecture and Urbanism (9th semester) at the University of Brasilia. On June 24th I’ll start living in Chicago, where I´m going to do an one-year academic exchange by the Science Without Borders (Brazilian program) at the Illinois Institute of Technology - IIT.

I decided to mix business with pleasure and start a series of post showing some works from female architects that I am going to visit in the US. The main idea of the posts is to show the projects in a deeper way that the one presented in the women´s part of this site, since here in the blog I will have more space to talk about the project and its curiosities. My megalomaniac idea is to be able to visit and present to you projects in 20 states. My realistic idea is to visit and present 20 projects during this one-year abroad. It is almost a task card of WAR (yes, the board game). Conquer 20 states or 20 projects.Lol

To show the series evolution - yet without a name (I am accepting suggestions) - I chose a blank map of US. In that way will be easier to see how many states and projects have left to finish my task and win the game lol.

The list of projects to me visited is not ready yet, so I accept suggestions. I only remind you that the main requirement is that the project had to be designed by woman, and it can be in architecture, landscaping, urban design… the sky is the limit.

The first project that I will visit has already been chosen and it is from Jeanne Gang, more information about it is still a secret ;).

See you in July.

Hugs and kisses.

#femalearchitects #usa

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